Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chain Gang

Hey Shoppers,

Bella here and I hear somethin' sayin'...that's the sound of girls working on their style. While we may not all be a part of the chain gang, we certainly are a part of "working it" in the accessories department. Bella Dawn's Online Boutique has a great selection of scarves, and one of my favorites is this posh black, white and gray long houndstooth scarf with an elegant gold chain design. It's super soft and it can layer nicely over a black sweater or under a cute peacoat.

I think you all can join me in saying: "Hooh! Aah!" That's just the sound of the girls working on their style.

Houndstooth & Chain Soft Scarf, $18

Also, receive 10% off your purchase with the promo code: AMCKEN10. AND take advantage of Bella Dawn's free shipping option by choosing to receive items in 7-14 business days!

Ta ta for now,


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