Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sale Pick Tuesday!

Hey Shoppers,

Bella here with your Two-fer Tuesday sale update. We hear, over at Bella Dawn, that a certain school girl is back with vengeance after she got "cuffed." She was charged with chicness and abusing the 10% discount code: AMCKEN10 at Bella Dawn.

Silver Weaved Cuff Bangle, $14

While others were getting "cuffed," some girls were making less friends and more faux's. A fashionable faux black leather handbag to carry along with the fall fringe trend, for sure.

Black Faux Leather Fringe Handbag with Metal Studded Hardwear, $19

Another steal to make your friends and "faux's" jealous: Bella Dawn offers free shipping to receive items in 7-14 days. And don't forget to use AMCKEN10 for 10% off your purchase.

Ta ta for now!



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