Wednesday, August 27, 2008

iVillage Feature How to be a Frugal Fashionista

Fashionista style at frugalista prices

Just in case it wasn't pretty obvious, my life's obsession is achieving total hotness at minimal expense. I recently had a chat with Dawn Del Russo, a high-profile stylist and owner of Bella Dawn Boutique, and discovered I may have met a kindred soul! She offered tons of great tips that we all should ponder during our next shopping binge.
Accessorize! This is the ultimate key to dressing like a star! Big discount stores like Loehmans, Century21, Marshalls, Target or online stores such as have tons of fabulous accessories that are almost always under $30. Layer on the necklaces - add 2 or 3 from your grandmother’ stash of funky jewels or do a little DIY by hooking a beaded bracelet to a thick chained necklace and you have the hottest new look, instantly.
Sunglasses. Don’t underestimate the use of sunglasses all year long! They are the easiest way to look chic and celebrity-esque. Aren’t they always hiding behind a pair? You can pick up a bold pair under $20 at your local convenience store, or try a store like Urban Outfitters!
Wear Heels If you’re devoted to two-inch heels, step out of the box and opt for pair of three-inch heels, They will give your calves more definition and add some style to a basic skirt. Purchasing a simple pair of new shoes will freshen up a last season dress in seconds.
Get the ”It” Bag. Even if it is not a designer label, there are loads of websites flaunting the season’s “it” bag for a quarter of the cost. Look for similar trims, buttons, straps, zippers, and colors. However, a word of caution: don’t sport the knock off label bags (faux designer label). They are so NOT chic. Check out magazines like US Weekly, People Style Watch, and Life & Style Weekly to see what celebrities are carrying.
Invest in Denim. Invest in a great pair of denim and the rest will fall into place. Jeans can last years and often look better over time, so look for a fabulous pair and add cheaper items from stores like The Gap, were you can usually find a top on sale for under $20!
Tailor Your Clothes. This is the best advice I can give aside from taking good care of the clothes that you already have. It is extremely necessary to have your clothing fit your shape. This is the biggest reason celebrities always look so great. Some of the larger department stores will offer this service for free, so remember to ask! When your clothes fit, you look chic and groomed instantaneously.

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